Spring 2017 News and Projects

Airzone continues to act as an independent third-party reviewer for the Regional Municipality of Durham for the regulatory source testing of the Durham York Energy Centre. This review includes the auditing of laboratory analyses for key contaminants of concerns (e.g. dioxins/furans and particulate matter) and auditing of the dispersion modelling conducted as part of the source testing requirements.

Several new manufacturing clients have received MOL orders to monitor weld fume exposures of workers engaged in workshop welding procedures.  Airzone has been able to rapidly respond to these orders and provided industrial hygiene services to monitor workers over at least seventy-five percent of their shift.

Airzone also continues to assist manufacturers with ECA applications and Annual Emissions Reporting (NPRI and TRA planning), including kitchen cabinet, tool, mining tool, artificial brick and autoparts manufacturers, as well as chrome platers and waste processing facilities. For some clients we have initiated Maximum Concentration Level Assessments for substances with no Ministry standards.

We also continue to assist Municipalities and proponents in reviewing or conducting Land Use Compatibility Assessments required for re-zoning applications.

Our lab has commenced working for an Airshed in western Canada that needs complex VOC analysis from ambient air samples taken with SUMMA canisters, additionally we will analyze Aldehydes that are sampled at sites collocated with the ambient air VOC samples.  The study designs requires us to analyze both integrated samples and event samples, grab samples, which will be triggered based on predetermined chemical air concentrations.

If you require assistance with similar projects, or have questions, contact:

Jessica Knox

Senior Air Quality Modeller

rsabino[at] 905-890-6957 ext. 107