Odour Investigations

Airzone One provides practical solutions for your industry’s odour problems. Our air quality scientists and technicians can help resolve odour issues.

Odour Services

  • Sampling to fully characterize potential sources of odours can be arranged.
  • Ambient air quality monitoring to quantify magnitude, frequency and duration of odour incidents.
  • Public consultation to ensure mutually-acceptable solutions.

Benefits To You

  • Multi-disciplinary air quality personnel with more than 20 years’ experience in identifying odour-related issues.
  • Clear and concise project scope descriptions to meet your individual needs.
  • Credible reputation with community members and regulators based on defensible approaches and conclusions.
  • Commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Sampling and Ambient Monitoring

Sampling helps our clients identify the presence of odour-causing chemicals through short-term monitoring or continuous monitoring. Our ambient monitoring staff expertly design, supply and operate air quality and associated meteorological systems for clients in Canada.

Dispersion Modelling and Impact Assessments

Our scientists apply their experience to dispersion models when preparing odour-impact assessments and selecting monitoring-site locations. Then we compare modelling predictions and ambient monitoring results with published odour-threshold levels to determine the frequency and duration of incidents. To ensure your company meets its corporate objectives and complies with government regulations, our dispersion modellers keep up-to-date with the latest regulatory dispersion models and methodologies.

Public Consultation

To keep you aware of what’s happening in the market, our staff documents, assesses and identifies trends in reported odour-related incidents. We advise you on multi-stakeholder consultation, managing the regulatory and public interface process to provide the necessary framework to create mutually acceptable solutions and prevent unnecessary interruptions in your business.