Determination of Atmospheric Dustfall

Airzone has experience assisting clients to determine the concentration of settleable particulate matter in accordance with ASTM method D1739-98 and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) method DF-E3043A.

Our laboratory provides a clean room where we use glassware, sieves and microbalances to achieve sensitivities that are well within the prescribed range of the MOECCs requirements.

Dustfall samples are typically required as part of an air quality management plan for industries that produce significant amounts of particulate matter during the course of operations. Method D1739-98 is a simple cost effective way to provide long term monitoring of particulate matter generated.

Airzone can consult and provide the required monthly sampling bags to ensure that you are operating within regulatory requirements. Results can typically be provided within 5-10 days of delivery to the lab. We maintain records of data and reports generated for as long as required. We can also provide other dust monitoring services.