Airzone has the ability to uniquely serve many of your air quality needs. Our capabilities in air sampling, analysis and modelling allow us to deal with most client needs completely in-house. Take a more detailed look at the services we provide in our modelling, lab, air quality, and industrial hygiene departments.

December 6, 2022

We have published a newsletter highlighting regulatory and modelling changes for air permitting pertaining to ECAs and EASRs.  Additionally, we have provided information pertaining to new chemicals added to NPRI reporting.

April 6TH, 2022

A recording of a webinar given by Industrial Hygienist, Ryan Dignard, CIH. Although from 2018, the principles are the same today. However, some of the regulatory limits may have changed since then.

June 15th, 2021

We have published a COVID-19 bulletin about back to work air sampling.  Information includes reasons why air sampling in the building, before employees return, is a good idea.  Additionally, we cover ways that we can sample inside buildings, even if they are occupied.