Air Modelling Details

Dispersion models are an important tool for air quality management. Airzone uses regulatory models and designs specialized dispersion models to meet your regulatory and environmental needs.


  • Regulatory modelling for environmental applications and approvals.
  • Accurate Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Effective selection of pollution control systems.
  • Supplementary control systems that reduce long-term operating costs.

Air Quality Dispersion Modelling

Airzone assists clients with air quality dispersion modelling for regulatory compliance, as well as to meet corporate or industry initiatives. We have developed in-house models for specific applications, including pollen dispersion, deposition and long-range transport. We routinely estimate the behavior of emissions under various meteorological and/or process conditions.

Model Input and Output

Reliable predictions result from the selection of appropriate models and the associated model input parameters. Our staff ensure that emission sources are fully characterized and that representative meteorological data reflect both weather and terrain conditions. Model output can then be superimposed on topographical maps to assist in the interpretation of environmental effects.

Integrated Consulting, Emissions Modelling and Ambient Air Monitoring

Airzone offers a unique combination of consulting with emission and ambient air quality measurement services. We execute ambient monitoring programs for measurable parameters, including particulate, volatile organics, semi-volatile organics, gaseous constituents and a multitude of specialty contaminants. Airzone’s air quality experts work closely with other environmental disciplines to prepare environmental impact assessments.