Gravimetric Analysis

Airborne Particulate Matter (Inhalable, Total, PM10, Respirable, and PM2.5 or other size fractions) from high volume or low volume collection media is determined using a CALA accredited gravimetric protocol in a climate controlled room. NIST traceable weights are used to verify balance calibration with each batch of analyses. Our procedure requires conditioning of filter media for at least 18 hours in our temperature and humidity controlled environment before they are weighed and sent to clients or used by our air quality professionals. Once used for sampling, exposed filters are returned to the laboratory for analysis and follow the same conditioning and weighing protocols.

The low volume method is based on NIOSH method 0500, Particulates, Not Otherwise Regulated, Total.

The high volume method is based on EPA Method IO-2.1, Sampling of Ambient Air for Total Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) and PM10 Using High Volume (HV) Sampler.

The method can be applied to other filter types and other sampling apparatus provided the appropriate validation procedures are executed, including processing blank filter media and balance calibration with traceable weights spanning the mass range on the sample filters. These methods are applicable to occupational, area or environmental sampling.