Noise Assessments

Airzone One offers services in the assessment of environmental noise impacts for Environmental Compliance Approvals [ECAs] in the Province of Ontario. All equipment that emits noise into the natural environment is only permitted to do so under the terms and conditions of an ECA, which is needed to operate legally. We offer these impact assessment services under our Permitting section.

These ECA permits are issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Permits are only issued if it can be demonstrated through the impact assessment that noise impacts are below Ministry limits. For example, in built-up urban areas, the worst-case noise impact limit is 50 dBA (measured as a 1-hour Leq) between the hours of 07:00-19:00, or the background noise, whichever is the higher of the two – either the Ministry limit or the background level. Different Ministry limits apply to different times of the day and at different localities.

Measurement of noise impacts requires specialized equipment, with minimal specifications that should meet the requirements set by the Ministry of the Environment. The impact assessment method should also follow the general protocols prescribed by the Ministry in order to produce results that are acceptable to the Ministry. Finally, the format of the impact assessment report is expected to follow the guidelines set out by the Ministry in order to ensure that compliance can be demonstrated.

Should impacts exceed Ministry limits, then noise controls may be specified to bring a facility within compliance.