Industrial & Occupational Hygiene Assessments

Our industrial hygiene group measures worker exposures to airborne contaminants including chemical hazards such as solvents and paints, and physical hazards such as noise from equipment and manufacturing. We also monitor biological hazards such as mould in the workplace or bacteria in oils. Our results and recommendations help to ensure exposures are kept to a minimum and that your facility is in compliance with Ministry of Labour regulations. Below is a step-by-step guide to how our typical assessment process is carried out (click each step for more information):

Step 1
Identify if workers could be exposed to chemical or physical hazards.
Step 2
Contact our hygienists to discuss the processes carried out and chemicals used.
Step 3
We will provide a proposal outlining the scope of the work and tailor our sampling and reporting to your needs.
Step 4
The investigation is undertaken as outlined in the proposal, including any collection of samples and/or continuous measurements at your place of concern.
Step 5
Provide a report, and compare results to regulations. We will provide recommendations if necessary.