Real-Time Air Monitoring for Ambient Dust, CO2, SO2, NO2, NOx, VOCs

Airzone has extensive experience in real-time air monitoring. Real-time monitoring provides measurements of airborne levels of contaminants continuously. In contrast to integrative measurement methods where the results of the measurement are not available until some time after the measurement, real-time monitoring results are reported continuously.

We have provided real-time measurements for clients for a wide range of target compounds. For example, real-time monitoring was conducted for aircraft emissions at a Caribbean airport with a mobile trailer measuring ambient concentrations of CO, SO2, NO2 and TSP using electronic CEM analyzers (Teledyne models) including gas filter correlation CO analyzers, UV fluorescent SO2 analyzers, chemiluminescent NOx analyzer and E-Bam particle samplers at 1-minute intervals. These monitors are typically used to monitor ambient air quality to ensure compliance with government air quality standards. The CEMs were calibrated before and after sampling intervals with certified gases. VOCs were monitored with a Syntech Spectras GC (gas chromatograph) equipped with a photo ionization detector (PID). Data from the GC as well as data from the CEMs were recorded on an Opsis DL 256 PRO data system.

The photo on the left is of a continuous monitoring and alert system at a northern soil remediation site. The warning system had visual and audible alarms to alert the on-site manager to take mitigative action if off-site airborne dust levels exceeded a pre-established alert level. The system was operated with solar panels and batteries, more advanced systems, utilizing cell phones with instantaneous warnings sent by email to computer/hand-held devices (e.g., smartphones), are also possible.