Residential Vapour Intrusion

Since 2005, Airzone has been a primary consultant and the primary laboratory involved in IAQ assessments conducted in an area of Cambridge, ON, which is impacted by vapour intrusion. Vapours from contaminated ground water are migrating into the basements and living spaces of the homes, businesses, and schools in the area. Airzones responsibility is to conduct annual testing inside each of the homes on a yearly basis. We also assist in monitoring the mitigation equipment that was installed to reduce the overall indoor levels of the air contaminants. We routinely analyze the samples collected on this project and produce results to the client in a timely manner. In the past, air sampling was conducted in the local school prior to the resumption of Fall classes and at other times in the year. Our response time for this project has ranged from 1 days notice to a few hours notice in response to resident health concerns.

Utilizing our passive air sampling and analysis methods we have been able to save the client a significant amount of money, as well as being able to repeatedly characterize the site much more quickly. These methods have been independently verified by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change using side-by-side sample comparisons, which were analyzed at independent laboratories to ensure the quality and accuracy of our results.