New dispersion model versions adopted April 1, 2018

On this date the MECP officially adopted AERMET/AERMOD v. 16216r, as an update to the previous regulatory version in Ontario (v. 14134). The MECP is requiring that all modelling should be carried out with the new version, if that modelling will be used or submitted after April 1st.

The change from 14134 to 16216r will have variable effects depending on the types of sources at a facility. If all other factors remain the same, emissions from tall stacks (above building level) may result in higher ground level concentrations whereas low-level sources may result in lower ground level concentrations.

Airzone advises all applicable facilities to remodel their air emissions using the new model as soon as possible to check if exceedances of air quality criteria may be caused.

For more information on completing your due diligence studies for the new models please contact:
Farida Dehghan Ph.D., P.Eng., ext. 110, fdehghan[at], or,
Maragaret Matusik, ext. 101, mmatusik[at]