• Manufacturing focus ? From October to November 2012 Inspectors will focus on key hazards associated with manufacturing processes which include, guarding and lockout, worker to worker workplace violence, Internal Responsibility System (IRS), occupational disease (noise and chemical exposure) and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).? The targeted sectors?will be?in the automotive, food and beverage, wood and metal fabrication, textiles and printing, pulp and paper, chemical, rubber and plastic, primary metals ceramics and logging sub-sectors.

Airzone?One is specialized in helping clients within these sectors determine worker exposures to chemical agents and noise.? This?ensures compliance with OHSA and its regulations.? We can also provide effective health and safety plans to ensure workers are trained and educated about the hazards present in the workplace.

  • Slips/trips and falls ? Falls continue to be an issue in all industrial workplaces, including restaurants, education, tourism and hospitality, food beverage and tobacco. From February 1 to March 31, 2013, Ministry of Labour inspectors will look for hazards that can cause industrial workers to slip, trip or fall. There will be a three-pronged approach including; falls from heights; falls from ladders and mobile ladder stands and platforms; and same-level falls (trips and slips).

Airzone?One?s occupational health and safety team can?assist employers in preventing workplace slips, trips, and falls with our specialized awareness programs.