Phase 2 of MOL Provincial Health and Safety Initiatives

The Ministry of Labor (MOL) has established Provincial Health and Safety initiatives which it is rolling out in 2 Phases. Phase 1, which began in September 2019, will continue until the end of the year and focuses on education, outreach, and awareness. Phase 2 is also now underway and will run until December 31, 2019. During this phase, Ministry inspectors will make site visits to ensure there is workplace compliance with the regulations and raise awareness of specific issues during the visit. The focus of the campaign is musculoskeletal and respiratory hazards.

Airzone can assist its clients by proactively assessing the work place prior to potential visits from the MOL inspectors. We will review historical exposure assessments to identify their relevance to the current initiatives and determine if these would adequately satisfy Ministry requirements. We would also ensure that these hazards were appropriately assessed as worker health & safety is priority #1. We can also conduct new assessments if these have not been done in the past.

If your work place has been inspected by the MOL during this initiative, a written order or requirement may have been issued. Airzone can assist with the interpretation of this document and ensure appropriate action is undertaken before the deadline. This may include additional workplace exposure assessment. These can take up to several weeks to complete as field work (sample collection or assessments), laboratory results, and final reporting all take time. Therefore it is prudent that assistance (where required) is sought immediately following receipt of an order or requirement.

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If you require assistance with similar projects, or have questions, contact:

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