Occupational Health and Safety Bulletins

OH&S Update: Bill 160 and MOL Inspections

OH&S Update: Bill 160 and MOL Inspections Bill 160 In June 2011, Bill 160 became law, with all provisions now in effect as of April 2012. The Bill transferred responsibility for the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses from the Workplace Safety and Insurance...

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Fall 2011 OHS Bulletin

Summer is all but over and most of us have returned to work after vacations. ? It is important to remember to ease ourselves back into our jobs. ? Remind yourself to think carefully and always be alert for occupational hazards. ? These hazards can exist in many forms...

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Spring 2011 OH&S Bulletin: Heat Stress

Now that we are coming out of the winter months we can expect warmer temperatures and longer days. As nice as this is, we need to be mindful of some of the hazards associated with the extra sun and heat exposure. Heat Stress & Strain This can be a serious danger...

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November 2010 OH&S Bulletin

Ryan Dignard and Charles Geen attended the Occupational Hygiene Association of Ontario (OHAO) Symposium this fall which featured several presenters and vendors all related to workplace health and safety. ? Presentations topics included: Occupational Hygiene in...

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