COVID-19 Back to Work 2021

It is looking more and more likely that Ontario will commence opening up our economy following the 3rd, and hopefully last, wave of COVID-19. With employees returning to the office many people will be anxious and fatigued due to the change in daily activities, commuting, getting kids ready for school etc. One way to allay concerns of employees and to provide a bit of comfort is to pre-test offices for typical air quality concerns, temperature, relative humidity, particulate matter, VOCs. Ventilation may have been turned down or off to save costs while people were working remotely. By sharing this report before your employees return to the office, you will be able to address one of many concerns that they may have about the office. Additional parameters relevant to COVID-19 can be tested.

Additionally, many cost conscious companies are struggling with the disruption from the pandemic. As a result, air testing may only be seen as necessary if people voice complaints. Airzone can also sample occupied offices and have developed protocols necessary to comply with COVID-19 distancing precautions to sample occupied buildings.

If you require assistance with similar projects, or have questions, contact:

Ryan Dignard, CIH, ROHT

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Charles Geen, M.Sc.

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