Adoption of Mining Technical Standard

The MECP announced that it has adopted a new Technical Standard for mining sites to address air emissions.

This is a technology-based compliance approach that requires companies to invest in available technologies and practices to reduce air emissions and improve air quality over time. They attempt to encourage new investments in modern air pollution controls with the goal of minimizing air pollution over time. The ministry oversees the companies progress to ensure they are achieving the desired results and have seen improvements in air emissions.

This applies to facilities identified as part of NAICS code 212232 (nickel-copper mines) and 212233 (copper-zinc mines).

The contaminants covered in this technical standard include:

  • Nickel and Nickel compounds;
  • Suspended particulate matter,
  • Other metals in the body of ore (these are unique to individual sites) and could include: Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Cadmium, and Cadmium compounds.

If you need help with switching your permitting to the Mining Technical Standard contact Farida Dehghan Ph.D., P.Eng. at ext. 110, or fdehghan[at]