EASR – Environmental Registrations

As of October 2011, eligible comfort heating systems, emergency generators and auto-body paint spray shops are to apply for environmental registration rather than for an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA; formerly CofA). This is a welcome change for most proponents installing new equipment as registration does not require air or noise emission assessments and registration is virtually immediate once on-line forms have been filled out. This contrasts to the old CofA process, for those activities that required air and noise emission assessments and where permit approval took months before installation could take place.

However, bear in mind that currently existing heating systems, emergency generators and auto-body paint spray shops will need to be registered, over the next five years, regardless of whether they have or are included in a CofA. If you have equipment in these categories and require help registering please contact us.

Also bear in mind that registered equipment must also meet certain requirements as part of registration. In particular, there are several air and noise attenuation requirements for registered diesel or gas generator sets.

The Ministry of the Environment held public reviews and comments for 45 days from July 25th 2012 to consult on proposed regulations to allow three additional activities to register under the EASR and proposed changes to the standby power system requirements for current EASR eligible power system activities. The proposal would affect small ground-mounted solar units, lithographic, screen and digital printing and non-hazardous waste transportation systems.