Airzone has the ability to uniquely serve many of your air quality needs. Our capabilities in air sampling, analysis and modelling allow us to deal with most client needs completely in-house. Take a more detailed look at the services we provide in our modelling, lab, air quality, and OH&S departments.

May 23rd 2017

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May 15th 2017

We have published our Spring 2017 news bulletins. Topics covered include: the new Ontario self-permitting regulation O. Reg. 1/17, changes to NPRI reporting requirements for 2017 and much more.

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May 3rd 2017

Sign up for our land use planning webinar. We will provide an overview of the requirements of a D-series assessment as may be triggered by a proposed land use change. Issues with the D-series analysis in relation to land use compatibility will be explored. Limitations will be discussed in anticipation of proposed updates by the MOE.