Airzone has the ability to uniquely serve many of your air quality needs. Our capabilities in air sampling, analysis and modelling allow us to deal with most client needs completely in-house. Take a more detailed look at the services we provide in our modelling, lab, air quality, and OH&S departments.

April 11th and 12th

We will be hosting a mound and indoor air quality seminar on April 11th 2018, the following day we will be giving the same presentation in webinar format. To sign up or to get more informaiton please visit our registration page.

March 6th and 8th 2018

We will be having and emissions reporting webinar and seminar.  Topics covered will be OReg 127 / NPRI, City of Toronto (ChemTrac), GHGs and Toxics Reduction Act reporting, including who is required to report, reporting thresholds and calculations, reporting methods and reporting deadlines. All attendees will be eligible for a free consultation at their facility (within the GTA), on their Emissions Reporting compliance status. [Registration required by March. 5th, 2018].  Please visit our registration page for more information.

September 28th 2017

Earlier this year Dr. Franco Di Giovanni of Airzone and Dr. Miguel Coutinho of IDAD – Institute of Environment and Development published an educational article on air quality assessments for environmental impact assessments, EIAs. Guiding Principles for Air Quality Assessment Components
of Environmental Impact Assessments
was published by the International Association for Impact Assessment. We encourage you to download the paper if air quality assessments are critical to your EIA protocols.